Uncovering Truths of Dating, Waiting and Mating
From culture's comfort zone of casual sex to the stricly defined morality of religious conservatism, there's more pain, joy, bondage, and excitement emanating from sex than any other act.  With celebrities, athletes, academics, politicians, sexologists, and religious leaders, this documentary pierces conservative and liberal ideologies on love and sex.  BETWEEN THE SHEETS captivates with razor sharp honesty, humor, and heart.
Sex is a cultural fixation.  From this visceral force, kingdoms crumble, families split, and lovers unleash passion. Sex is both the inception of life and a vehicle of disease.  Ecstasy to STD's, bliss to heartbreak, abortion to joyous births, no other act holds such dichotomous power. 
There are more singles now than any other time in history.  What does healthy sexuality look like for the uncommitted multitudes in the 21st century?  What outcomes result from having many partners, to one partner or none? Does embracing sex whenever the mood strikes encourage or derail fulfilling connections?  Without an agenda and simply seeking truth, this cinema verite breathes life into a debate as old as the Bible, yet presents it as current as our pop culture zeitgeist.
Hundreds of millions across our planet either respond to these desires or deny them. In the U.S. alone, a massive 44% of adults1 are single. This means nearly one hundred million people either express or repress their sexuality outside of traditional marriage. The film delves into the emotional, physical, and potential spiritual outcomes across the mild to wild spectrum.
Knowing friends and influencers on both sides of the cultural divide, I've seen the stark contrast between these opposed ideologies. Both hook up culture and abstinence can have fall out: Casual sex resulting in unwanted pregnancies, STD's and sadness, to a 40 year-old virgin suffering heartache, emasculated from years of lacking intimate physical connection.
The film has garnered support from blockbuster producer/director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty), Oscar nominated Roko Belic (Happy, Genghis Blues) and Emmy award winner Kurt Schemper (Intervention). Their contribution and support through production has been invaluable.  
We've shot provocative footage, but ran through our initial funding. Presently I'm immersed in photography full-time, yet strongly believe in the relevance of this documentary. If you would like to partner in this venture, and are a fit for any of the needs below, please contact us:
  • An executive producer
  • An experienced writer to structure sizzle reel using current footage
  • Celebrities, cultural influencers, and experts are to be filmed; open to additional interviewees
Photos:  Shown is my friend Tera Patrick, who has risen to iconic heights in the adult film industry. Tera shares thoughtful insight on love and sex from her personal journey. Also pictured is eminent scholar, activist, pastor and author Dr. Tony Campolo. Dr. Campolo counseled U.S. President Clinton through the Lewinsky scandal. A wonderful and wise man, Dr. Campolo has authored 38 books and has been faithfully married for over 50 years.

1US Census Data, 2010
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